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See What Life Is Worth


Game Night - September 2016

Game Night - September 2016

  With the addiction to social media, demands of a successful career and self obsession, it's hard to have time for friends and family because we are all "busy".  Trust me I can confess to all of the above.  How can we reach deeper and see what life is REALLY worth?

  After going through a couple of life changing events, 3 car accidents and so many people passing in my life, I have tried hard to invest my time in the things that really matter.  I learned that at any point your life can change forever and the people you love can be taken at any moment, we have plans and God has his.  Don't worry I won't get religious on you, but you get my point, right?

  Let me encourage you to be open minded on ways to spend your time off, so you can see what life is worth living.

  My husband Julian and I started hosting Game Nights at our house to start spending more time with his younger cousins.  We pretty much talk smack all night and compete for bragging rights.  As time has passed, I started to invite my smack talking friends and family, mostly young adults (so we can play the dirty games).  It's so fulfilling to me, to know that my husband and I work so hard to have a home to share with friends and family and to know that we are taking time to invest in these relationships.  Some of the games we like to play are Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, Over the line (my new favorite game), cranium, poker, and of course Monopoly!  I truly want to make this a tradition, because the memories we make are so much better then what you see on Instagram!

Game Night- August 2016

What I'm looking forward to the most this month is heading up to Hunter Mountain in New York.  We have a family house there, so my parents, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins will all stay under one roof, perhaps I should bring my games with me?

That reminds me, while on the road for selling season, my cousin Gloria would let me stay at her house and I'd be able to cook with my cousin Frankie and visit with Alexis.  We'd meet up even if it were during the day while passing though for a quick bite.  Or my rendezvous while in New York City, they included my rogue cousins Phil, Christine & massive desserts.  Even while passing through Philly I would do my best to see one of my best friends Rachel and catch up on some T.

  My point.  Even though I was on the run I would reach out and try to spend time with the people I care about.

 Life is about making memories, sharing stories, doing things together even when you are "busy" because the love of friends and family is the most important thing in life.  

What other ways would you make time to start living more?  Leave your comments below!