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My Book Club... Best and Ehhhh


While on the search for a way to make 2017 wayyyyy better then 2016 I jumped on my Amazon account and decided to buy these 4 books below check out my review of which ones are must haves and which one to skip out on...

1. Your Best Year 2017: If I haven't already called you, emailed you or texted you encouraging you to get this book here is my biggest suggestion of all the books I am listing today.  What I love about this book is it challenges me to look within myself to analyse my downfalls, see improvements, measure my progress and set goals I can achieve.  Click Image to shop this MUST HAVE ::


2. How to Style Your Brand:  This book I think is going to help me show the world a cohesive concept as a brand, for myself, my styling career and my collection.  It helps with logo development, images, mood boards and the delivery so you can reach your target audience :: Click Image to shop

3. The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List:  If you want little reminders of how to up your game daily I would recommend this.  I personally felt like there are books out there with more content and how to's that are better then this one so this is my least favorite book of the four:: Click Image to shop

4. Capture Your Style:  I love, love, love this book as a Instagram Master course.  I feel like Aimee wrote this with such personality, that is relate able to any gal looking to create beautiful content.  It is a easy to read, understand and implement on my own platform. Click Image to shop

I hope you enjoy them the way I have!  If you order them let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for me! 

xo Nina